“A Word To President Obama About “Gun Violence”

I can easily forgive President Barack Obama for not understanding American culture, especially gun culture.

Growing up in the exclusive Menteng district of Jakarta, Indonesia, before moving to Honolulu, Hawaii to attend a private school, Obama knew nothing of the continental United States until he moved to California as a young adult to attend Occidental College in Los Angeles. From Los Angeles, Obama moved to New York City to attend Columbia. He then moved to Chicago and his first job as a community organizer, before going to Harvard. After Harvard, he returned to Chicago, and lived there until he moved to Washington, DC, as President.

His exposure to firearms has been seeing them in the arms of Indonesian soldiers, on the hips of Hawaiian, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago police officers, and of course, in the crime news of the urban areas in which he has always lived in Asia and in “blue state” metropolises.

Obama views firearms as tools that he can used to enforce the laws that he passes and the executive orders he proclaims. He views them as something useful to provide to allies and drug cartels and foreign terrorists to shape domestic and international politics. He views them as a threat to his one true faith, an all-powerful federal government. And of course, he views them as a vessel for crime and murder among criminals.

Put bluntly, he views firearms as nothing more or less something to be exploited… for good or ill.

The idea of a firearm as a tool ensuring personal liberty is as foreign to him as a life in an Indonesian private school is to patriotic Americans.  The concept of being responsible for your own personal safety, and that of your family, is as alien to him as the concept of personal responsibility itself. Barack Hussein Obama is an American President without an appreciation for the essential nature of firearms as part of the American heritage and the American spirit.

But while we can forgive the President’s shortcomings, we cannot allow him to continue spreading the fiction that the United States has a “gun violence” problem, that the existence of firearms in the United States forces people to become violent.

That is, quiet simply, a lie.

Worse still, this liberal “gun violence” lie is based in the racist belief that people of minority cultures are inherently violent, echoing a disgusting piece called “The Black Dilemma” which seems to have originated on a site called American Renaissance. It should hardly be surprising. Billionaire gun control supporter Michael Bloomberg, who fuels the “gun violence” studies at Harvard, and who is the money behind Mayors Against Illegal  Guns, Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, and a new anti-gun propaganda site called The Trace, was very blunt in his beliefs that minority males are inherently violent.

Once you listen to audio of his statements, you’ll understand why.

“It’s controversial, but first thing is all of your — 95 percent of your murders, and murderers, and murder victims fit one [unintelligible]. You can just take the description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all of the cops. They are male, minorities, 15 to 25. That’s true in New York, it’s true in virtually every city in America,” said Bloomberg.

“You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of the people getting killed,” he continued. “First thing you can do to help that group is to keep them alive.”
It is quite stunning that the media and activists have not challenged the former Mayor’s comments asserting that young minority males should be disarmed.
The racists at American Renaissance and the racists on the progressive left want to scapegoat firearms because it is politically advantageous, but what they really believe is that minority males are inherently violent.
~Bob Owens on July 5, 2015~


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Obama nailed for illegals murdering Americans


President Obama is catching heat from two U.S. senators for releasing violent criminals onto the streets who then went on to murder 121 Americans between 2010 and 2014.

And there are new concerns about the possibility of violent crimes being committed by the nearly 30,000 illegal Cuban immigrants who are walking U.S. streets with criminal records.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa
Sens. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, sent a letter June 12 to Secretary of State John Kerry, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. They are demanding the administration provide written responses by July 6 to their numerous questions about the release of violent criminals, they said in a news release.

“The administration’s actions have resulted in the needless loss of human life,” an aide to one of the two senators on Capitol Hill told WND Friday.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, took the administration to task on the issue in a column for National Review.

“Just to be clear, these were convicted criminals, in ICE custody, who had been ordered deported but were instead released back into U.S. communities, and then went on to murder Americans,” Krikorian wrote. “Most were released simply because the administration didn’t want to detain them. Only for two dozen does the administration have any excuse at all, saying that they had to be released because their home countries wouldn’t take them back.”


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The Video Senior Obama Staff Don’t Want You To See!




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The Eight Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide (Part 5): DENIAL


The first four parts of this series examined the first seven stages of an eight stage paradigm which historically leads to genocide. The framework used for the analysis was based upon a paper written by Greg Stanton which was presented as a briefing paper for the State Department in 1996 in which he postulated that genocide progresses through eight states. The fundamental research question posed by this multi-part series “Is the United States preparing for a mass genocide against selected segments of its population?”

Unfortunately, the United States fully meets the criteria for the first six stages and the groundwork is clearly in place for carrying out stage seven, Genocide. This stage examines the final stage, Denial. Further, this article will respectfully address the wholesale ignorance of Americans who believe that a genocide could never be visited upon the American people at the hands of its government. Denial comes in many forms. Stanton wrote about denial as a form of national policy following the genocide. Some see denial as the condition from which people deny their active or passive role in the act of genocide. This article looks at denial in both aspects.

In writing the first four parts of this series, I have been accused of being a member of the lunatic fringe or an undercover operative for DHS.

Some readers have angrily protested that a genocide could never happen on American soil. A few expressed outrage as they asked me how dare I disparage my country and my government with unsubstantiated charges of laying the foundation for future genocide?  “This is America, by God, and we don’t commit genocide.” Really?

According to Ward Churchill, a professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado, the reduction of the North American Indian population from an estimated 12 million in 1500 to barely 237,000 in 1900 represents a vast genocide. In fact, biological warfare was committed against the Native Americans.

Crimes Against Humanity Committed On American Soil:


Just substitute Christians for Native Americans and you’ll get the idea of what lies ahead.

Ward Churchill writes that on June 20, 1837, the U.S. Army began to dispense diseased “trade blankets” to the Mandan Indians (one of the tribes which aided the Lewis and Clark Expedition). The blankets were presented to the Mandans at Fort Clark in present-day North Dakota. Churchill states that the blankets had been taken from a army infirmary in St. Louis which had been previously quarantined for smallpox. and the Mandans became symptomatic on July 14 leading a local medical official to advise the Indians to scatter and seek refuge in the villages in nearby villages, thus, the pandemic commenced as it was spread far and wide.This was a clear cut case of biological warfare committed against a civilian population.

President Andrew Jackson was instrumental in the events leading up to what historians call the Trail of Tears. President Jackson’s policies toward Native Americans involved the ethnic cleansing of several Indian tribes. This is not unlike what Obama and his DHS and military minions are in the early stages of doing to Christians. Genocide happened to the Cherokee and it is beginning to happen the followers of Jesus.

Trail of Tears


Under President Andrew Jackson, 17,000 Cherokees were forced off their land in 1838 and had to undertake the long journey across the Trail of Tears. Historical parallels conjure up images of the Death March to Bataan and the Nazi persecution of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. Make no mistake about it, this was an ethnic cleansing inspired genocide carried out with forethought and malice in what became one of the darkest chapters in American History as 4,000 Cherokees died on the Trail of Tears from malnutrition, exposure, and disease.
Some of the darkest days in history took place under Hitler’s Final Solution. Interestingly, Hitler actually got the idea for his concentration camps from the “Final Solution” treatment of Native Americans.

And let’s not forget the the biggest genocide in the history of the planet, namely, abortion, and this heinous persecution of God’s most precious creatures has taken place right here on American soil. Some abortions are medically necessary. The vast majority are not. Tragically, adoption centers have waiting lists of loving parents ready to open their homes and their hearts. Through Planned Parenthood, we have institutionalized genocide against the helpless.


We presently live under a despotic President who is forcing Catholics to fund abortions against their religious doctrine. This is evil personified. Since abortion became “legal” in the early 1970’s, 53 million innocent human beings have been the victims of this horrific genocide and now it is official governmental policy. And please spare me the political correctness arguments. To hell with political correctness, we are talking about mass murder, make no mistake about it.

Someone needs to speak for those who cannot. And there are still people who do not think genocide can happen here despite the fact that six of the eight Stanton stages of national genocide have been fulfilled in modern day America and we are in the midst of an ongoing holocaust which surpasses Hitler and Stalin.

I have news for my historically ignorant friends, there have been genocides in America, there is presently a genocide in America and the big genocide is right around the corner.
Stage Eight Denial:


He Had the Guts to Say No to Hitler. Do You Know Anyone Who Will Say No to Obama?

This leaves us with the final stage in the Stanton genocidal hypothesis, Denial. Stanton states that leaders will attempt to hide the genocide from world. However, this stage cold be a most point for this present administration, because if the globalists achieve the complete takeover of the world’s economy and subsequently their governments, there will be nobody left to conceal the truth from.

Why do so many people still revere Andrew Jackson? Simple, those who win the battles, end up writing the history books. Or, do we not care because the Jackson’s victims are only Indians? If that is the case, then we will surely manifest our own negative future through Karma or whatever religious term you choose to affix to this coming calamity.  Regardless, if we allow the banksters who have hijacked our government to continue with their psychopathic policies, they too will write the next chapter of history and Ron Paul supporters, Christians, Second Amendment supporters, Constitutionalists and Libertarians will be the next generation of Native American genocidal victims.

Through the NDAA and the National Resources Defense Preparedness Executive Order (13603), Obama has already built in escape clauses into his heinous preparations on the road to the enslavement of the American people and ultimately to genocide. By some twisted logic, he has granted himself the authority to commit secret arrests and murder whether it be carried out by drones, robots or DHS jack-booted thugs backed up by their 2.2 rounds of newly acquired ammunition. Thanks to a series of Obama Executive Orders and the NDAA, enslavement culminating with genocide will soon be official national policy.


If we ever allow Obamacare to become fully implemented on January 1, 2014, with all of its euthanasia policies, we will never recover as a nation. Make no mistake about it, Obamacare is not about healthcare, it is about enslavement and the full implementation of systematic genocide.

Obama and his fellow band of communists deserve the same fate that they visited upon Chris Stephens. This event could have been our line in the sand and could have toppled this criminal administration. The push back against pending genocide could have been achieved. America, we missed a golden opportunity.

We are out of time and out of options.


At this point, all options should be on the table. We have been conquered by the mega-bankers. We are being ruled by sociopaths who do not play by any set of rules. The Benghazi murders gave me temporary hope because it was clear that there were some senior level military command officers willing to take on the President and his illegal policies. I am still hopeful that the military will rise up and take back our country against this illegitimate government because I am quite sure that the sheep that now inhabit this nation do not possess the intestinal fortitude to do it themselves. Stuart Rhodes may indeed become the most pivotal figure in our immediate future.

America, we have a little over seven months to reverse the suicidal direction our nation has undertaken, for if we do not, we will witness humanities darkest days within our national borders.

God Help us!

By Dave Hodges


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~Totalitarianism in America~


Totalitarian governments monitor the media and control it via secret police, monitoring cameras, incentivizing (snitching to the government), propaganda (visual, auditory, etc. – think MSM), execution of anti-regime (“accidents”), and they advocate the limiting of the freedoms of speech, press, assembly, religion – in the name of “protecting the country.”  They will move to limit access to other countries and any of their military might or power, and will demean the leaders of countries seen previously as allies. Hitler made it a point to enforce strict control over the media, because he wanted people to hear only his opinions or points of view, and then to control information that was contrary or harmful to his regime. He wanted all the power, over everything.  Anyone in disagremment was made to look the fool, and his media takeover made sure of this.   Sound familiar?  The prime mover in censorship was the Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. It was his responsibility to see that the German people were fed with material acceptable to the Nazi state. Newspapers, radio and all forms of media were put under the control of the Nazis. Even the film industry became controlled by the Nazis where the leading light was Leni Riefenstahl – who, though favored by Hitler, did not enjoy a good relationship with Goebbels. Music was controlled by the Nazis. Music by Gustav Mahler and Felix Mendelssohn was banned as they were both Jews. Jazz was also banned. Even telling jokes about Hitler became a serious offense – one to send you to the concentration camps and potentially death.  Censorship was enforced by a number of methods. First, the secret police or the ‘normal’ police ensured that the rules were kept to. Secondly, anyone who wanted to go outside of the desired party norm faced the most serious of consequences. Third, people in general were expected to report anything unacceptable to their local party chief. Those who knew something but did not report it were deemed as guilty as those who went against the system. Censorship ensured that the Nazis had the German public in their grip as they bombarded them on a daily basis on how their lives had been improved from the day Hitler became Germany’s leader. 


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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General John ‘Black Jack’ Pershing

General John ‘Black Jack’ Pershing
on Dealing with Islamic Terrorism.


Although the indigenous uprising following American victory in the Philippine Islands (conducted by our former allies in the fight against the Spanish) ended formally in July 1902, various insurgent groups were determined to fight on. A great number of these were Moro terrorists, ancestors of today’s MNLF
(Moro National Liberation Front), a bloodthirsty group of Islamic seperatists funded by nice people like Iran and -until recently- Moammar Gaddafi.

The legend goes that after continued terrorist attacks on US troops and installations -in addition to the massacre of captured American soldiers- General Pershing sent a mission out to round-up 50 adult male perps. Back at the base, they were promptly strapped to wooden poles, execution-style.

As the firing squad had been ordered -and to the resolute horror of the Moro captives- a couple pigs were freshly slaughtered right in front of them. They then soaked their bullets in the blood and fat prior to loading.

After executing the first 49 -who according to the Koran were automatically barred from Paradise (even while dying a martyr) due to porcine ‘contamination’- Pershing had the bodies unceremoniously tossed into a mass grave with the residual pig carcasses/entrails piled-high on top, a yummy snack for the confounded jihadis to enjoy on the way to Hell.

The 50th Islamist was then cut loose to go tell everybody back at the encampment exactly what he’d just witnessed… and for
42 years, there was not a single Muslim terrorist attack anywhere in the world… how bout that.


The general was a prized mentor to Bradley, Marshall, Patton, and Eisenhower- no less.

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~JAY Z~ a contradiction~


Jay-Z and his uneducated stance on the confederate flag demonstrates a complete contradiction to his t-shirt shown in this photo.

Che Guevara, who Jay-Z obviously promotes, was a symbol of hate and socialist ideasm his famous motorcycle trips to his historic role in the Cuban Revolution, Argentinean revolutionary Che Guevara is profiled in a documentary produced to explore the life of the man whose visage has become an iconic symbol of hard left politics.


He is the man, who ordered the execution of countless human beings while in charge of the notorious La Cabaña prison in Havana, who terrorized Cuban society and who denied freedom to thousands of citizens whom he considered “deviants” or “anti -evolutionaries” can never be accepted as a hero, martyr or — the shock of it — a saint.

In my opinion this is hypocritical at the least!
What about the black panther flag?


What about the ISIS flag?



Has anyone stopped to think about what these flags represent?


Has anyone stopped to think about what these flags represent?

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