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“Go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company.”

Mark Twain


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Before I retire for the evening, I thought I would share something that Is important in regards to judging others.  image

Many years ago when I was a substitute teacher for the Matanuska Susitna school district in Palmer Alaska. I remember this particular morning that I was sent to Burchell High School.

This school was a continuation school. It was a school for troubled teens, if you will, or maybe teens with behavioral problems.

When I arrived at the school the attending counselor greeted me and asked if I had ever worked with these kinds of teens.
I told him I had, and his reply was music to my ears.  He said, “I just want you to know that all of our students are not bad, to the contrary,  they’re all good students, they have just made some bad choices.” He went on to explain that our job was to get them back on track. I was instructed to gently guide them and to always treat them with respect.

The staff and the students worked in unison. It was, and still is one of the finest schools I have subed for in my life.

It just goes to show that society’s opinion isn’t always accurate. 

“Those who deserve love the least need it the most.”