The Rise of Feminized Men

A result of chemicals and plastics.

This video changed my life and view on plastics, I love plastic, without it, how could I use this computer or use a phone. Technology depends on plastic.

But put plastic/petrochemicals anywhere near our food, and it becomes a horrifying danger.

As a result of this video, I try to avoid all petrochemical clothes, food containers, foods containing petrochemicals through pesticides, treatment, or processing.

It’s impossible to avoid in our current day society without living innawoods growing your own food, but at the very least you can reduce your exposure.

Plastic is the enemy of man when it enters our blood, our organs, or tissue…

You scream and wail at the lefties for being responsible for the rise of feminized men. These scientists in this documentary discovered the feminization of men was occurring more than twenty years ago.

Our water is toxic with “estrogen” chemicals from all of the plastic, petrochemicals, estrogen supplements, birth control, etc… all entering it through our sewage and waste.

Everyone who wants to understand one root cause of the current downfall of our traditional society, this video is required observing.

This video was removed some time ago, and has now, blessedly, been re-uploaded.


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