The End of a Myth: Most New Serial Killers in America are not White Males

Every so often the story of a serial killer and their horrid crimes break the news. In typical media fashion they cast their light on the case, whilst they ignore other similar crimes around the country.

In the past few days the news of another serial killer in Cleveland has broke the news and as with the crimes of this nature, his story is just as sick and twisted. Thus far police have found the bodies of three black women stuffed in garbage bags, and expect to find more victims of 35 year old Michael Madison. So far he’s uncooperative with police, other than telling them there are more victims.

When people see his picture in the news, they’re confused because he doesn’t fit the media’s version of what we think a serial killer should look like—he’s a black man. Some brush it off as an anomaly, and think white men still hold the market on serial murder. Others remember the case of Anthony Sowell another black serial killer with eleven victims in Cleveland and think perhaps it’s just a something about the area. The hard truth however is black serial killers do exist in great numbers, and actually far outnumber their white counterparts…


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