~This is clearly child abuse~

YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Thei…: http://youtu.be/1NDkVx9AzSY

This is only my opinion:

This is clearly child abuse!  How very sick! No wonder there are so many messed up kids!!

This sadistic act produces a shock to the brain of a child during their most formative years.
This, so called joke, breaks a trust between the parent and child, leaving them vulnerable to outside influence.

A sadistic imprint that will leave a scar in a child’s fragile mind, lasting a lifetime. It will hinder their ability in the future, to evaluate right from wrong. It could also cause them to, not respect, trust,  or believe their parents, or other authority figures.
“If a child can’t trust his parents..?”

I shudder to think about what these ignorant parents do to the poor children on Christmas morning! 

Just because some sadistic liberal media program exists;  doesn’t mean we should  participate by offering our precious children up as sacrificial lambs!

Think things through before you subject your children to being nothing more that lab rats!

This is clearly a vice used by our liberal media to use psychological testing. The results could be fatal on an already dying nation of parentless children.

The uneducated parents may say, they were just teasing; however, one must remember that, “Teasing is the razor of love.” Teasing has destroyed more people than actual homicides. Warning: This video is not a joke and should NEVER be used as a guide to raise health children.

~ Dawna D. Bowles~(C) 11/8/2014

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[by Dawna Bowles (C)2014]


2 responses to “~This is clearly child abuse~

  1. You’re so right about this. Imagine the scandal if this happened in school. Teasing only demoralizes people. How about if you showed up at work and your boss told you you’re fired? Funny?


    • Thanks Baxbell, you’re absolutely correct. It would be shocking if your boss made you Empty out your desk and while you were walking out the door. Everyone starts laughing, even your best friend. Imagine the betrayal you would feel. Then finding of course it was a , “joke.”
      Even as an adult, it would be a hard blow. Just think about a child. Their brains are not fully developed, and are just like little computers. Absorbing information that will latter be a guide for living.


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