Dragon profiles a Stereotype



Profiling isn’t a good idea

Do you know why

It could change the way humans identify

I am not St. George’s horse

As referenced in the book

“Folklore of the Dragonfly.”

I never even knew him

They would have you believe
I am a devil horse that flies
Oh my…

The romanian word for devil is “drac” but “drac” also means dragon in romanian

Because of all this mixed up stuff  my name translated as Dragonfly

Confusing right? Just another way to stereotype

Now I cannot tell you how many times this made me cry

Blue Dasher a preferred name of I

But I had no say in scientific decide

My kingdom is in Animalia

I have class of Insecta

My family is Libellulidae

I could go on
but why

The simple truth is this

My mother loves me

She named me Blueray
I am known as the blue dasher

I help with insect control

Especially mosquitoes as some of you already know

Now that you know the truth maybe next time before you stereotype

You’ll think twice…



Published from iblogstr8sicit.WordPress.com
[by Dawna Bowles (C)2014]


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