Robin Williams You Are Gone…


Robin Williams, what can we say, you are gone and so is a part of us.
Today’s memory saddens us.
Yesterday’s memories will keep you with us forever, always encouraging our hearts to smile.

Your astounding ability to nudge us out of our comfort zones, has changed us profoundly, and because of it, we are wiser.

You were a lighthouse, when we needed guidance and understanding of our world.

You made us laugh in spite of ourselves.

You gave us a uniqueness of vision that could never be surpassed.

You touched our hearts, and made us feel love, no matter how hard we tried not to feel.

You turned our sadness into endless smiles.

You challenged our minds to ponder.

You were a bridge that we needed to cross.

You were our reflections when we were afraid to see.

Robin Williams, you are loved, and missed beyond measure and,
I can’t say it any better than Don Mclean.
The world was never created for anyone as beautiful as you.”

Your friend and greatest fan always,

[Dawna Bowles (C) 8/2014]


Koko the Gorilla with Robin Williams.mp4:


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